Hong Kong Soup: 1826 — Lighter by Mandy Barker

Art Pages: Mandy Barker

Haunting collages made from plastic debris culled from the world's oceans.

Overture Staff

An award-winning photographer, Mandy Barker also makes waves with her images documenting marine plastic waste. Arranged in stark collages and unearthly tableaux, Barker’s colorful and yet unsettling objects are the result of painstaking scientific research in the field, gathering up debris on expeditions from all over the world. Above, Hong Kong Soup: 1826—Lighter.

Soup 500+: Mandy Barker

Soup: 500+.

29.24N 172.05E by Mandy Barker

29.24N, 172.05E.

29.24N 172.05E by Mandy Barker

Hong Kong Soup:1826—Lotus Garden.